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Speak Ukrainian confidently and without hesitation with useful daily lessons.

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Don’t learn alone! I will guide you with personal tips and feedback each day.

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From zero to hero

I’ll check your level of Ukrainian and create a personal programme for you.


Become fluent with me each day step-by-step.

Each day, you receive a new lesson task straight to your messenger. You have the motivation to improve your Ukrainian, all that you need is the right steps.


Who is this course for?

learn russian For Ukrainian learners who don’t have time to learn
learn russian For beginner to advanced learners
For learners who have lost their motivation
For learners who don’t know how to start or continue to learn Ukrainian
learn russian For those who need effective results

learn russian

A lot of Ukrainian learners ask me these questions:

  • Iryna, there’s so much Ukrainian material. Where should I start?
  • How can I know if I’m following the right path?
  • I don’t have anyone to speak Ukrainian with. Who can I speak with?
  • How can I become fluent if I’m so busy every day?

After 9 years as an Ukrainian/Russian teacher, I know that going to Ukrainian class and answering some test questions is NOT going to help you become a fluent Ukrainian speaker.

When I was studying English, my English teacher told me to do tasks every day! This helped me to speak English fluently and naturally.

I want to help you become a confident, fearless, fluent Ukrainian speaker.

And with The Daily Ukrainian Course, you can do it, even if you don’t live in Ukraine.

learn russian


How does it work?

Learn Russian You join the course
study russian We check your level and discuss your needs
study russian I send you you 10 minutes task (text/audio/video according to your needs) every morning 
learn russian You do it when you have time
I check it and send you feedback


Are you ready to join me and hundreds of other successful Ukrainian learners around the world?

Starting tomorrow, you will receive a new lesson task straight to your email/telegram/what’s app/viber (choose any) every morning (from Monday – to Friday). Lessons take just 10 minutes to do, and each course is followed by fun, knowledge materials.

learn russian

2 packages available for students:


  • 1-month access to the course
  • Home 10min tasks from Monday to Friday
  • Daily feedback
  • 100$/month

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  • 1-month access to the course
  • Home 10min tasks from Monday to Friday
  • Daily feedback
  • 30min lessons with Iryna twice a week
  • 250$/month

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