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Why Learn Russian Cursive?

Studying print materials will not enable you to read or write Russian cursive. Unlike the cursive of many languages, Russian cursive looks very different from print. Because of this, you can’t always guess the letters unless you’ve already studied them. You may think you know the Russian alphabet, but until you’ve studied cursive, you only know one side of it.

If you write anything in Russian by hand and you don’t know your cursive, your writing could appear childish or unnatural. When writing by hand, Russians almost always use cursive, so if you handwrite something in print, your writing could appear just plain silly.

And Russian cursive is downright beautiful:)

learn russian


  • 19 PDF files for practicing  Russian handwriting.
  • Video demonstration of writing each letter, connections, words, common mistakes, and other common spelling options of some letters.
  • Samples for practicing reading Russian cursive.

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learn russian


How long can I use the course?

The course is yours forever.

How long does the course last?

14 days.

How much time do I need every day?

15-20 minutes.

What level is it for?

Any level. From beginner to advanced. It’s never late to start learning Russian cursive, no matter what level you have.


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