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Podcast 1

Hello and welcome to Langmindpodcast!

Today is our first episode.

Iryna is here. And my name is Valery.

You’ll hear a small conversation between 2 people at the airport.

  • Вы русский?
  • Нет, я украинец.
  • Что, простите.
  • Я украинец. Я из Украины. А вы англичанка?
  • Нет, я американка. Я из Америки.

And now one more time, but slower.

The first question was “Are you Russian?” — “Вы русский?”

The Russian pronoun “Вы” means “you- formal”.

In the Russian language we have “you-formal” — “вы”, that we use in formal situation, and “you-informal” — “ты”, that we use in informal situation. In this conversation our speakers don’t know each other and they are not kids, so they use the formal style.

So once more:

you-formal — вы

you-informal — ты

Hope it was understandable!

So “Are you Russian?” — “Вы русский?” — literally we said “You Russian?”. We omit the verb “to be”. We just don’t use it in Present Tense. Actually we can, but it sounds so weird for native speakers, so please don’t do it ☺.

The next phrase in the dialogue “No, I’m Ukrainian” — “Нет, я украинец”

The response is “ I’m sorry, what?” — “Что, простите?“

“What” — “Что” — quite often we pronounce it like [што].

“I’m sorry” — “Простите” (formal way).

And the answer “I’m Ukrainian” — “Я украинец”

“I’m from Ukraine” — “Я из Украины” — again we don’t use “to be” in Present Tense.

“And are you English?” — “А вы англичанка?”

“No, I’m American” — “Нет, я американка”

“I’m from America” — “Я из Америки”.

So let’s recap:

русский -male русская — female
украинец — male украинка — female
англичанин -male англичанка — female
американец — male американка — female

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed it! Bye-bye!

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