Speaking Russian tour “Treasure of Ukraine”

Start and finish: Lviv, Ukraine

Destinations: Lviv, Pidhirtsi, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Khotyn,  Kamianets-Podilskyi, Bakota,  Kremenets, Pochaiv, Lviv.

Ages: Min 18

Group size: Min 5

Accommodation: hotels 2*-3*

Transportation: Bus

Date: 14.10 (08:30) – 19.10.19 (6 days)

Cosy evening Russian speaking club every evening!

DAY 1 — Lviv, Ternopil

Departure from Lviv (If you arrive to Kyiv, we will help with tickets to Lviv). Arrival to Ternopil. Walking tour of Ternopil. The cute, neat little houses along the quiet streets and the quiet plow of Ternopil Lake, and in their background are organically inscribed as precious diamonds, surviving architectural buildings of yesteryear.

Check-in at the hotel. Free time.

We offer to visit:
Excursion to the Zbarazh (Adult: 180 UAH/7$ + entrance ticket)
Zbarazh is an old town, spread out in the valley of Medoborov. The real pearl of the city – Zbarazh Castle (entrance tickets) – an outstanding fortification built by Italian architects and a Dutch engineer using the latest technologies for that time. It was under Zbarazh that important events of the liberation war of the Cossacks against the Commonwealth took place. The real pride of Zbarazh Castle is the underground galleries, which, according to the Cossack chronicles, ran Jarema Vishnevetsky himself.

DAY 2 – Chernivtsi 

Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. Moving to Chernivtsi.

Excursion to the capital of Bukovina – “Chernivtsi – Little Paris”. We find ourselves in a city where sidewalks are swept with bouquets of roses and where bookstores were bigger than coffee shops. You will stroll through the streets of O. Kobylianska, M. Eminescu and Armenia, which have preserved the romance of the past, visit 5 squares, see the town hall, the theater, the house of the former Savings Bank, the Catholic Church and the Cathedral, the Armenian and Drunken Church. Next we are waiting for the real pearl of the city – the residence of the Metropolitan of Bukovina and Dalmatia, which was built from 1864 to 1882.

Free time. Moving to Kamianets-Podilskyi. Check-in.

DAY 3 – Kamianets-Podilskyi


One of the oldest cities in Ukraine, a city that has preserved the spirit of the Middle Ages. The rocky island, girded by the tight loop of the river Smotrich, flowing in the picturesque deep canyon, has become a kind of natural pedestal on which for more than ten centuries known and unknown masters have been creating a real stone wonder. Strong defensive fortifications of the “Old City”, the fortress and the Turkish Bridge, the combination of religious buildings of different religions – the church of St. Perth and Paul with the Turkish minaret, the Franciscan Church, the Armenian Quarter, the Polish and Russian markets, leave a unique impression.

Free time in Kamianets-Podilskyi.

We invite you to visit the excursion:

The kingdom of stones and labyrinths (Adult: 300UAH / 12$)
Moving to the village of Kryche, where we will plunge into a fascinating journey with the fantastic labyrinths of one of the largest gypsum caves in the world – Khrustalnaya (24 km long!). We are waiting for underground rooms with stone images – the head of a Buffalo, Owl, Eagle. What about the walk between the Dragon’s Teeth or the Crocodile Spine? No less interesting is the Wish Stone (they say dreams are fulfilled necessarily) plus Merry Descent with Merry Ascent.
Return to Kamyanets-Podilsky.

DAY 4 – Bakota – Khotyn – Khotyn Fortress

Breakfast. Free time in Kamianets-Podilskyi. We invite you to visit the excursion:

A place not on the map …

(Adult: 230UAH/10$)

The magnificent mountain landscape, magnificent forests, endless meadows, healing springs with extraordinary water, mixes with the coolness of the gulf. And over the waves of the Dnister, a 120-meter cliff – the White Mountain, slopes, overlooking the horseshoe-shaped Gulf of the Dniester River. Bakota Pearl – A rock cave monastery. According to some scholars, it was founded on the site of the pagan sanctuary by the first Christians in the XI century. The very word “bakota” means “desired place”, it is not difficult to believe when such landscapes are around …

Mysteries hidden in stones

(Adult: 230UAH / 10$)

On the cape, in the center of the peculiar amphitheater of the Dniester hills is – the most powerful castle in Eastern Europe – the Khotyn Fortress. More than a kilometer stretches of stone-earthen fortifications. Below, on a rocky promontory, is a castle with a courtyard surrounded by a massive earthen shaft with bastions. The fortieth walls of the castle are decorated with a red brick ornament – like a Podilsk embroidered shirt. And the fortress is a real movie star – after all, “Zakhar Berkut”, “The Ballad of the Valiant Knight of Ivanhoe”, “Three Musketeers”, “Black Arrow”, “The Old Fortress”, “Arrows of Robin Hood” were filmed right here …

Return to Kamenets-Podilskyi.

DAY 5 – Terebovlya – Kremenets

Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. Crossing the route. Drive through the streets of Terebovlya – one of the oldest cities in Podillya.

Excursion: Kremenets is the pearl of Volyn region (included in the tour price)

You will see beautiful buildings of the European model – magistrate and college, Epiphany and Mykolayiv cathedrals, ancient houses. The highlight of the city is the Castle Hill, which offers a magnificent view.

Check-in at the hotel. Free time.

DAY 6 – Pidhirtsi – Pochaiv – Lviv

Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel.

Pochaiv – Ukrainian Jerusalem (ticket included)

One of the largest Orthodox shrines in Ukraine. Seeing the Mother of God and admiring the ancient castle is not all that awaits us here. And the monastery, located on the top of the mountain, which dominates the whole district, with its perfect forms and sky-oriented gilded baths, makes an unforgettable impression.

Pidhirtsi Palace (ticket included)

Versailles of Galicia, its walls are remembered not for wars and battles, but only for balls, lavish receptions, knock on wheels of carriages and fireworks. One of the guests of the palace was Honore de Balzac himself.

16:00 – Estimated time of return to Lviv. Arrival in Lviv – Terminal “A” Complex

17:00 – transfer time from Terminal A to the train station is approximate.

Gift tour of Lviv (ticket included)

Gift from company. Walking Tour «Labyrinths of Lviv Streets». Everything is breathing gray here, it seems that we have moved back several centuries. It is here that we can touch the fairy tale, discover the true beauty of ancient Lviv.

  • Transfers between the cities by bus
  • Accommodation in carefully chosen hotels (2-3*)
  • Lessons with a professional teacher
  • Good time and unforgettable experience

  • International flights
  • All meals and drinks
  • Some tickets to local attractions

TRIP You will travel with a professional Russian teacher in a company of Ukrainians who want to see the beauty of Ukraine too (We cooperate with a large Ukrainian travel company to keep the price of the tour as low as possible)

PAYMENT A deposit of 50% is required when booking this tour. The remaining balance will be charged when you arrive to Ukraine.

TRAVEL INSURANCE We advise to take out Travel Insurance to cover for any unforeseen circumstances.

CANCELLATION Free cancellation up to 30 days prior departure, but the 20% deposit paid is non-refundable. No refund applicable within 30 days of departure.


Visa policy in Ukraine



First of all you will get unforgettable emotions, huge experience and new friends!

You will have opportunity to speak Russian a lot with your teacher and locals.

And of course see the beauty of Ukraine!

At the end of the trip you can pass the test and get a certificate! It’s great opportunity to show off to your friends and decorete your wall=)

The Speaking Russian Tour to Ukraine “The treasure of Ukraine” costs $ 285.  It’s just $ 47 per day!

A deposit of 50% is required when booking this tour. The remaining balance will be charged when you arrive to Ukraine.

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*The tour includes lessons, accommodation and transportation, but does not include flights to Ukraine and meal.

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We can help you to organaze the transportation to Lviv and back if your international flights are to/from Kiev.

Also you can stay longer than 6 days if you want to travel more or visit your friends/ralatives, we can help you, too. Just contact us with any questions now.